How we are managing the Coronavirus Risk

Like all pubs we are enforcing rules and making changes to our operations during the Coronavirus outbreak.  

Please help us to help ensure all our customers are safe and at minimal risk by adhering to the following new procedures

Note: These rules are based on the current Government advice/rules/restrictions and therefore are subject to change at any time. 

We want you to enjoy your visit to the pub and the rules are necessary for us to operate during these unprecedented times.  

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

1) Maintain Social Distancing as per government guidelines

2) The maximum group size we can allow is 6 people

3) Sanitizing your hands on arrival and whenever you visit the toilet.

4) Wait to be seated on arrival

5) The bar area tables are for people drinking only, if you wish to eat you are required to do so in the restaurant

6) Provide contact details for NHS Track & Trace

7) Pay with contactless where possible.

8) Anyone not adhering to the current rules/government guidelines will be asked to leave immediately.